While we are undergoing server upgrades and our websites are being re-tooled for more robust activity, we are prepared to manage any/all direct marketing data orders and worldwide email operations for any global B2B email deployment meeting our Best Practices Standards.

Please review our updated datacards herein and update you libraries accordingly.

Here at The Euro Group, the primary holding entity for TradeLion, Integrated Management Solutions (IMS), and the World Tennis and Golf Organization, we will help you accomplish your Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics goals with the newest Oracle-Dell solutions, scalable to accommodate enterprise-wide platforms for Global ERP applications.

Given our current state of affairs with global economic adjustments, I find it appropriate to offer up a synergistic integration of TradeLion and IMS, hereby not only offering you not only Global ERP Solutions, but also Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI) and Predictive Analytics Technologies for MNC’s and other entities worldwide.

While we continue database management services for our files, we now also offer brokerage for a wide variety of direct marketing products and services including B2B/B2C postal, phone (land line and mobile), email, and social media marketing for U.S. and Global Markets.

I can personally commit to our clients an ease of operation for any global B2B email deployment meeting our Best Practices Standards.

I do not stand alone with my fascination with how Big Data and Predictive Analytics can be used to produce revenue-generating marketing tactics for MNCs and entities such as Education, Health Care and Financial Institutions. Their KPI’s are easily discernible once you get to know them as your clients. We analyze OLTP/OLAP data samples in multidimensional environments. Explain your requirements in our Contact Form.


You can view a list of the datacards describing the direct marketing databases we manage by going to http://lists.nextmark.com, and typing in: “The Euro Group” –including the parentheses- in the Keyword search box and clicking on the Search box.
The Euro Group continually updates and adds to our datacards, so if you don't see what you are looking for listed below just give us a call to discuss the full range of our available consumer and business data.
Most of our databases include hot lines as well as over 100 key demographic and lifestyle selects. Additionally, The Euro Group can custom-create files to meet your exact marketing goals. Just click the Data Card you are inquiring about to view. For immediate information on any datacard fill out the contact form on our home page or give us a call at 1-305-848-5466.

To see all The Euro Group Direct Marketing Database Descriptions, click on this link, then make sure "The Euro Group" -including parentheses- is in the Search Box:



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big data Mining & analytics

Your data can tell you all you need to know about your market and what changes in your performance are required to meet its needs. With The Euro Group you can understand what changes your enterprise can make to not only meet your clients expectations, but exceed them.

in 2001, I founded The Euro Group to serve as the data Manager for my companies TradeLion, Integrated Management Solutions, and World Tennis and Golf Organization, and our Industry-Leader Partners. We not only have all the Direct Marketing Data you need, for the U.S. and World Wide, but our Data Mining and Analytics experts help us and our clients translate raw data into tangible ways to improve marketing segmentation, increase sales, grow donor files, enhance customer service, as well as predict future results and revenue.

Our Data Modeling Profile Modeler and Direct Base National Consumer and Business Data Enhancement solutions turn your numbers into useful information, information into decision-making intelligence, and decision-making intelligence into bottom-line growth.

Your data can tell you everything you need to know to produce effective marketing and fundraising programs. As a data-driven marketing leader, The Euro Group leverages Predictive Analytics technology to help you target your message, leverage your data, and ultimately build a strong and growing bottom line.

After my years at Oracle Federal Systems, I founded Integrated Management Solutions, Inc. (IMS) as a Software Engineering Executive Recruiting Agency servicing the needs of U.S.-based MNC’s such as Microsoft, Novell, and Oracle. Since my M.A. in International Business at Georgetown, I planned the start of an International Trade Portal like TradeLion.com. Over the years, both companies have grown simultaneously, and now I plan to accelerate their growth synergistically in meeting the needs of our new explosive market for Big Data Mining and Analytics Systems and Technologies. Along with our new Technology Partners, we are able to serve the needs of the growing range of global vertical markets specializing in, but not limited to, Education, Health Care and Financial Services. We now provide Business Development and Project Management for our select Big Data and Analytics Partners, as well as Direct Marketing support for their expanding client bases. The IMS-TL “Systegration” has proven to be smooth as we have maintained clear perspective as to where our clients are trending.